{Marigold Golden Disk Necklace * Keilyn Petite Ruby Crystal Bracelet}

Welcome to BrideBlu as a sponsor of Village! I couldn't be happier to be working with this classy lady, anyone who gets that giddy feeling when opening a new notebook is alright by me! So, why do I love BrideBlu? You know how I am with pretty dainty gold jewelry, right? That is why. It's pretty much equal to the triangle thing....and her Etsy shop is filled with it! Her shop is the treasure to my inner pirate. (i honestly just said that)
...Anyway, I would definitely recommend checking out her blog and of course her Etsy shop, BrideBlu!!

And now, some Q&A with Cat =)

1. What was your inspiration for creating your Etsy shop? 
I am enamored with vintage jewelry and equally obsessed with the "hunt" (vintage shops, antique malls, flea markets, you name the time and the place and I will be there!).  There soon came a point in time when I realized that I had accumulated way more pieces than a girl could ever wear in her lifetime and BrideBlu was born.  Today the shop is a hybrid of handmade and vintage jewelry that definitely reflects my personal tastes...romantic, simple, clean.
2. What is your current favorite piece in your shop? 
 This is a toughie as I am one of those girls who simply cannot layout clothes the day before as my wardrobe is fueled by my emotions on a given morning.  If I have to choose, I would pick my AGATHA has just the right amount of sparkle and is so neutral, it goes with just about anything!
3. What are 5 things that you love/make you happy?

1.  Flying (my husband is a pilot) 2. Blogging (I am completely addicted and am constantly inspired by my blogging friends!), 3.  Thrifting/Antiquing, 4.  Documentaries (hubs and I just watched one on Nefertiti the other night...fascinating!), 5.  Drinking coffee while catching up with friends

Thanks for answering my questions, Cat!!