January Greys

Ok, Happy Saturday! We have something to discuss. A state of the union if you will.  It's lengthy but I never make you read lengthy things so indulge me. Here goes: 

I think it's the general consensus around these parts (the blog parts) that January sucks, we're longing for a vacation, we've all lost our mojo, we're unmotivated, we're not taking pictures, we're not creating anything, we're not doing our to-do lists...how many of you have stuck to your new years resolutions? (Remember those? my pearly whites have been un-flossed for a week). So here's the deal, it's Saturday, it's a new day, you had your fun last night so let's get to work. Here's some easy steps to accomplish something this weekend - do it in one day or two.

(...for this weekend at least)*
*I say this weekend because we all know it's ludicrous to set goals for a whole year. For me...let alone 1 month. I need victories - small ones that build up over time to a place where I can look back and check that I'm actually not worthless...because remember that one weekend? I can do that again!   

1.Make a List. 
First, Sit down with a cup of coffee, close your computer and write out your rough draft "To-Do" List.  Organize your actions in to categories like "Computer Tasks", "Errands in Town" and "Household Chores". This will make it easier to conceptualize what you have to do where so that you can move through the list swiftly - cutting out extra trips. Then, make a master list...decorate it or something, so that it's pleasant to look at, make sure the writing is nice. Put "Listen to Bootstraps by the Dandies" at the very top. Trust me.

 2.Listen to Bootstraps by the Dandies. 
They only give a sample - it's exactly 1 minute. That's all you need, you have a to-do list to do!!! Turn it up and rock out. It will motivate you. (thanks @swissminx) They are this chipper group of Swiss guys now living in London - I don't care if you don't like them, that's not the point, listen to their words! Now cross it off and move on.

3.Do something for your body. 
Exercise. It's all about balance and it will clear your head and give you a fresher perspective. Go for a jog, take your dogs for a walk, yoga, do that workout dvd that you got for Christmas but you haven't opened yet. Shovel the driveaway...I don't really care, but get your blood moving and some fresh air. 

4.Get Ready.
You were supposed to have just exercised, now shower and make yourself pretty. I mean, wear a cute outfit, put on makeup and paint your nails- do what you need to do, you will feel nicer.  

5.Start your List! 
And finish things on it. Cross those mothers off. Start with errands (you look nice) and finish them all. Then check your email (say hi to me), then do your housework. Save the computer related stuff for last for when you can sit down with a glass of wine feeling accomplished that you've crossed off the majority of your to do list.  

6.Reward Yourself. 
Seriously, If you crossed off a large chunk of or finished your list then you deserve something nice like that happy meal you've been craving (ok that's me) or that new Trente Starbucks drink or whatever - or schedule a pedicure. Sure you'll still have stuff left over but it won't be clouded with the overall buzz of pesky tasks. Maybe you realistically have 5 or less undone things on your list (I have no clue) but schedule one a day for the next week or something. 

There you go! Happy weekend, see you Monday :)

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