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 Happy New Year friends!
I'm back "home" in Switzerland after an incredible vacation in the US to visit friends and family for Christmas (it was my first time back to the US in over a year!) I've entered the new year a year older and feeling incredibly lucky that I have the friends and family that I have in my life - and it was so hard to say goodbye again.  I also entered the new year ready for new adventures with the amazing friends that I've been fortunate to meet here in Switzerland! I feel happy. It will be a good year.

I always get the questions about "what do you miss from the US"...and after being back briefly that's not hard to answer - Barnes & Nobles, Wendy's, choices (I was completely over stimulated when I first you realize the cereal aisle is 10 times as long as what it is here in Switzerland??), the beautiful Midwest (you can see forever!)...Dunkin Donuts coffee, cheap prices and Chicago. (I'm not hard to keep happy).

What do I NOT miss from the US?
-Bleach blonde girls in UGG boots, pajama pants and orange faces (clones?)
-People wearing PJ's everywhere.
-The smell of fast food everywhere.
-How everything everywhere is trying to sell you something.
...and that's all I can think of now :)

I'm excited to be back - and excited to stay connected with you all again - I've been so lucky to meet you through blogging and >fill in a lot of sappy things< - seriously've made this past year that much better!

And now...let the normal blogging commence ;)

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