Win a Scarf?

A way for you to get mail and for me to say...THANKYOU!

(This is us playing with the speed settings as I whip the scarf around my neck all debonair like. Then Mark was all "krystal, stop making funny faces" and I couldn't! Well, the last picture was my attempt.)

Because this blog is part of the reason I got to attend Fashion Days Zurich and you were cool and endured my long FDZ posts (here, here and here) I want to give away the purple Biaggini Violett scarf that was in my swag bag from the fashion shows to someone. (Part of Penelope & Monica Cruz's line for Charles Vögele in Switzerland).
*I swear I only wore it for this picture!

Anyone can enter, just simply leave a comment below and you're golden. 
(in other words, one entry per person)
(yeah for easy entries!)

Thank you for making this blog so fun!
Le Winner will be announced Wednesday morning (my time)