Up & Coming Swiss Designers

The fated shoe vending machine. I wonder if it is still vibrating?

The last show I went to was the Up & Coming Swiss Designers. There are so many great looks..I could write about this for ages! (No worries though, this is the last post ;))

Marissa and I started the morning with coffee and gipfeli in the VIP tent. Then I headed to the Smashboxx people who were set up giving makeovers to try a lip color (I don't wear lipstick, do you?). They used 'Delightful'...and it was. We also each got their intuitive lip-gloss as a gift which I'm in love with!

Now, on to the clothes - it was so interesting to see what designers in this country are working on as they make their way in to the fashion industry. There were 5 sets and I tried my best to condense!
(These are all of my pictures, thus you get to see my embarrassing attempt at fashion show photography which definitely improved by the end!)

The shoes weirded me out a tiny bit...

Loved the fabrics, very unique.

I was a fan of the simple but feminine silouettes.

The story of a warrior taking an inward journey and choosing to become poetic and graceful. 

And my favorite, Toujours Toi - Family  Affairs
(and when I learned how to take better pictures)

And that is all! Thanks so much for your excitement and it was so fun to give you a glimpse in to what's going on in the fashion industry here in Switzerland!

My friend, Elisa, covered the next days Swiss Textile Awards if you're interested!

And nowwww back to regular posting. Phew!