Opening Night Show ~ Fashion Days Zurich ~ 2010

Ok, so lets look at the CLOTHES! ...and lack thereof! Penelope & Monica Cruz designed their hearts out working with the team from Charles Vögele to bring these fashions to the stores here.  Headlining ZFD and creating this partnership are amazing steps for a store trying revamp its image. I have read some criticism regarding this opening night show - some opinions that it didn't bring the fashion, it was boring, what were they thinking. Ok, maybe - but then again - it's relate-able to the majority of the population and wearable in the streets - it's the circle of life, people. There were plenty of crazy things later on to keep those fashion thrill seekers happy and the rest of the crowd confused at what they just saw but inspiring us all the same. It was a fun time.

Part I
Hiiiii. Your scarf is good.
And some more of my favorites:

Ok yeah, not sure what I think about this. Well, actually I do. Marks getting a pair of yellow leggings for Christmas. Just kidding.

Biaggini Lingerie for Charles Vögele

So the boys would stop and look all sexily in to the crowd. Huge fan, nothing bad to say here. 

Performance by Alesha Dixon
Her and her dancers brought it...

like like like

(Note: These pictures are from the press images, I am dumb and brought my horrible camera)
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