Oh, hello

I REALLY want that hat!
Just kidding...but the sweater is mighty nice right?

Ohh so where do I begin about Fashion Days Zurich? Maybe about the time I broke a vending machine because I bought 5chf flats out of it and then it wouldn't stop vibrating? No really, we went back 2 hours later and it was still going - sorry coat check people! And how classy is buying 5chf flats out of a vending machine at a fashion show? You can't take me anywhere.

AND, so I took your advice and took a ton of pictures - but before I subject you to looking at them all I must organize and edit and all of this, no? But seriously, thanks for your excitement and messages to have a good time - it really was quite incredible and I can't wait to fill you in! There were some crazycakes outfits but also some really beautiful male models clothes that I want to show you. K? K!


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