Fashion Days Zurich - Opening Night, the VIP Tent

Famous model..Uh..JK, it's just me. 
Upon my arrival to Puls 5 in the Industrial District of Zurich last Wednesday, I could definitely feel the buzz and anticipation in the air as we all gathered to witness Zurich's inauguration into the International Scene of "fashion weeks". For the past 10 years, Zurich has put on an annual Textile Awards show (last years winner was Alexander Wang) but until this year, had yet to host runway shows that could boast the designers that have been at home in Paris, Milan, NYC and other major International cities for years.

Marissa and I began the evening at the cocktail dinner provided in the VIP tent. I'm sure we were surrounded by important people, though - I definitely could not tell you who they were but I can tell you that the appetizers were delicious. In fact, I was much too preoccupied with eating the shrimp with mango pieces and exclaiming out-loud to Marissa "THIS IS SO COOL" to take many pictures. Surround me with free food and free drinks and basically everything else is just white noise...
So, I shall take advantage of my press pass and use some of their pictures that I missed taking because I was too busy eating..(I'm such a newb)(I hate that word but thats the only way to describe what I was)
Alesha Dixon & Alexander Wang
Irina Kulikova (model) & Monica Cruz
*Alesha performed at the show that night
*Monica is Penelope's sister and was there to present their clothing line, Biaggini Violett.

And thanks to for snapping pictures of the crowd which was the most interesting to me! Observations below:

-You must go here to see the fashionable and non-fashionable line-up of attendees.
-And since I didn't make the not-so-good dressed list here, you can go check out Zurich streetstyle photographer Tina Weiss's sight for a pretty blunt opinion of the outfits of the evening.

Basically, I wish I could make you look at EVERY picture and talk about them with me, but we all have ADD attention spans so I will not. I had a really great time hanging out with Marissa and checking everyone out before the show. While I didn't know what to expect, I didn't see THAT many amazing outfits - which I guess is what I unconsciously expected.  We are in Switzerland - there is just not much choice for shopping when local malls are flooded with stores like Chicoree and Tally Weijl and H&M.  You really have to go out of your way to shop creatively and find boutiques with unique or different clothes.  Switzerland as a whole is just not known right now for fashion - but there are some people that do stand out on the streets. (You could actually probably describe most countries like this).  But, that being said, I really think that the new Zurich Fashion Days will help inspire people and based on the Up and Coming Designers show - I think that Zurich is on the right track to become noticed in the greater International Fashion Industry.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the designs from the Opening Night Show then Tuesday I'll cover the Up&Coming Swiss Designers Show (and more about the shoe vending machine of course!)

AND, if you made it this far and still read everything - I'm impressed and thank you =)