EfreeMe.com - A Vintage & Handmade Market Place

Have you heard?
of EfreeMe.com?
No? ...WHAT????
Ok, I'm going to stop being a huge nerd. 

And instead, more eloquently introduce you to a new sponsor, EfreeMe.

Who: Diana Rainer, the delightful and interesting blogger behind Poppy Brew 
What: A Vintage & Handmade Market Place with NO seller fees, $5 for opening an account and listing 20 items AND a referral program. Plus, you don't even need an account to buy - just PayPal. So - basically the easiest way to buy cute things ever. I realize I sound like a saleswoman, but - you have to admit that is pretty cool!
Where: efreeme.com * Facebook * Twitter
How: Sign up using my referral link here --> link! It is super easy. And then get your own referral link! I'm actually in awe about how easy using this site has been.
What's Cool?: Diana rocks. She even blogs (PoppyBrew) and has an efreeme shop with really cool things. As owner of the site, she is accessible and wants to hear from her sellers and customers to make it the best it can be- and always will.
What's also cool: Is that I've been contemplating selling my photos somewhere. And then ta-da!

50's Marcasite Ring * Jewelry Dish

Here is a small interview so that you can get to know Diana better - as well as a glimpse in to her excitement about efreeme.

1. What inspired you to start the EfreeMe Marketplace?

I was inspired to start efreeme because I really hate paying fees and bills. I thought people should be able to list their vintage or handmade items for free, and wanted to provide a site to do so. 
2. I've come to find out that efreeme.com really is unique but can you tell bloggers reading this why it is the best in comparison to a small variety of other similar marketplaces?
I think efreeme is a great vintage/handmade market site most simply because we are and always will be free. If someone is a serious seller on other sites and they have to pay a commission on top of listing fees, that can seriously eat into their profits. Also, since we don't take any fees or commissions, efreeme gives sellers the freedom to arrange their own payment methods outside of the site (local pickup with cash, for example). There are no fees to dodge! Since we're very new and still building the site up, we're trying to be very open to feedback from sellers and buyers and grow alongside them. Also, if you're a seller and open a store with 20 items or more, we'll give you $5 to spend as you please, just as a little way of saying thanks. 
3. What are 5 things that make you super happy?

5 things that make me happy: mittens. raspberries. ponies. bicycles. snuggles. 
Thanks for answering my questions, Diana!!