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Since I unsuccessfully tried to teach myself to knit last winter, I am super impressed by people who can - and achingly jealous. Especially people who can knit things like that scarf. And those hats. And those gloves. *sigh* And so I introduce to you Paula and Mariana, the two lovely ladies behind the Etsy shop, Branda, and the newest sponsors of my blog. (And who, consequently, my jealousy of knows no bounds!) Their Etsy shop is so great - the pictures alone are lovely to look at and they have so many great colors to choose from of the different items that they knit (cowls, scarves, shawls, hats, etc). I also love that they took something that their grandmother taught them to do when they were kids and have grown it in to a business - and a fashionable one! (They live in Argentina and have fashion spies all the way in Italy ;) I kind of love that!)

Here is an interview so that you can get to know these 2 endearing ladies better!

1. What are 5 things that make you really-really happy?

Mariana: Be in family and with my loved people. Learn or discover something new and the process of working in something new. Travel. Beautiful images. Beautiful days. 
Paula: Chocolate. When something I've imagined becomes reality. My dog Johnny, also if he is not anymore, still makes me happy. To be with my family and friends. Discover the forgotten sewing machine still works. 
2. What inspires your beautiful creations?
Since we knit we are all the time looking what people wears, in the street, in the supermarket and when watching tv, trying to get the stitches. Also we search on internet, we are registered in Ravelry where we learn a lot, and can see what people are knitting in the world. We love the way Vogue Knitting shows the new creations and trends.
3. Is there a story behind your Etsy shop name, "Branda"?

Branda is a tribute to our grandma because she taught to knit when we were children. All the afternoons she knitted lovely dresses for us and for our cousins and we love the way she passed the yarn around the needles. She never used patterns, she made by eyes!
4. What is your favorite thing about owning an Etsy shop and blogging?

Our favorite thing owning an Etsy store is we can know and communicate with artists and crafters all over the world, with different cultures, languages and ages, arriving to people who is so far away. Blogging is also interesting because let us share what we love, doing, things about us and others and it's so nice when you find a comments and see someone is interested in what you are saying.

Thanks, Paula and Mariana!!

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