Bookclub Bloggers Review - Little Bee

I finally had access to a book for the Bookclub Bloggers so can do a review!
Have you read Little Bee?
If you haven't I would not read the rest of in spoiler alert...

I had no idea what to expect when I opened this book - it was heartbreaking, fascinating, powerful...but also a little bizzare and I don't know that I exactly loved it. Like many of the others who reviewed this said - I feel like I'm still processing it and I'm not sure I'll ever really have closure on how I feel since the actually ending was not closure enough for me!
I'm not sure where to begin - so I'll go with the questions posted for the book.
1.  Do you have any personal opinion on "refugee politics" of our safe and wealthy western countries? How has this opinion formed? News? School? Personal experience? What a political question, right? When 2 people, both with opposite opinions, discuss a topic like this - I can always see and understand the points that are being made so I can respect everyone's opinions. Most of my knowledge and passion has centered around the tense topic of the US/Mexican borders so it is the only opinion I feel entitled to have. I'll just say that after spending time in Mexico and interviewing, speaking with and hearing the side of the stories of families who have had loved ones give up everything and risk dying to have a chance at a "better" life - I have to side with them. (cue hate mail). Of course - there are SO many factors and things to discuss, but I'll just leave it light and at that!

2.  Do you think what Sarah did in Nigeria was special? Or do we all have this in us? Why or why not? I'm not sure it was exactly special - I think a lot of people would do what she did in this intense situation - out of sheer desperation if anything else.

Little Bee's voice as a narrator might be one of the most memorable voices from a lot of the books I've read. I loved reading her chapters - I love the new point of view that she gave me. But I think I identified with Sarah the most and found the way she coped with the situation fascinating. I grew to love all of the characters - except for Sarah's boyfriend. I realize that he provided a needed voice/point of view - one that reflects the opinions of many people in the 'real world' which was jarring - I wanted to throttle him. I think it was the authors way of pointing out that one can never ever judge a situation unless one is in it - which I appreciated.

anyway - I wonder if it will be a movie?

my favorite sad quote: 

"…Isn’t it sad, growing up? You start off like my Charlie. You start off thinking you can kill all the baddies and save the world. Then you get a little bit older, maybe Little Bee’s age, and you realize that some of the world’s badness is inside you, that maybe you’re a part of it. And then you get a bit older still, and a bit more comfortable, and you start wondering whether that badness you’ve seen in yourself is really all that bad at all."