Parisian flat lays untouched for 70 years...

Did you read this article about this gorgeous looking Parisian flat that they just opened after 70 years??
"Behind the door, under a thick layer of dusk lay a treasure trove of turn-of-the-century objects including a painting by the 19th century Italian artist Giovanni Boldini."
The owner left for the South of France before the Second World War and never returned - she was the granddaughter of a beautiful Parisian woman - a muse of the famous painter Boldini - and was portrayed in a painting in the apartment (which just sold for 2.1 million!!!)
"The muse was Marthe de Florian, an actress with a long list of ardent admirers, whose fervent love letters she kept wrapped neatly in ribbon and were still on the premises. Among the admirers was the 72nd prime minister of France, George Clemenceau, but also Boldini."
My only question is....I wonder how in the world you could not return to a beautiful flat in Paris!!

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