Giveaway & Leafcutter Designs

Guys!!! Today, I'm terribly excited to talk about Leafcutter Designs and the: 
{Image via Leafcutter Designs}

Have you heard of this?!
Is it not the cutest thing in the world??
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About a year and a half ago, one of these tiny letters from Leafcutter Designs landed on my doorstep - sent from Mark! It made me one of the happiest girls on earth - I mean - it came with a tiny microscope to read the letter and even was sealed with real wax =) I promptly put it in a little frame and it sits on my desk to this day, like so: 

It's definitely one of my favorite possessions (I show everyone). 

Anyway, I can't even begin to describe the coolness that is this shop (or the creative lady behind it, Lea).  She offers so many unique and delightfully inspiring things through her website - it's impossible not to find something ridiculously fun =) In addition to projects like The World's Smallest Post Service, she also offers a variety of goods in her shop ranging from seed earrings (for spontaneous flower planting!) to a kit to embroider your own letter - whatever it is, it's all about a personal touch using interesting mediums.  She also offers customized consulting for things like courting your significant other, weddings and more.  I definitely recommend exploring her website - everything she has to offer is so interesting and most off all - inspiring.
I particularly love that all of her projects are interactive - meaning you get to be creative and submit something to her and she'll incorporate it - i.e. ideas on courting, homemade stamps, 500 pencils project and Changing Clothes.  They are such great activities to participate in as a group of friends, couples or with a special child in your life...

Do you have someone in your life that you'd love to surprise with a tiny letter?
Lea has graciously offered to send a letter from The World's Smallest Post Service for one of you!

**How to Enter**
(it's easy!)

Visit Leafcutter Designs and leave a comment that tells us who you'll send a tiny letter to and why you'd like to surprise them by Sunday night (October 10th) - winner (as determined by will be announced Monday morning!