El Vintage!

{Images via El Vintage Blog/El Vintage Etsy}
Have you ever visited an online store and then...and then as you explore around your heart starts beating faster and faster with every click because you can't stop imagining the possibilities of this dress with that bag and oh my gosh, those are the perfect boots?  AND FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS?! 

 Welcome to my head when I visit El Vintage....I'm not even kidding. Even her blog keeps me flipping through the archives..
Emily's Blog

Meet Emily, the inspiring owner of El Vintage Etsy shop as well as my newest sponsor! Honestly, it was love at first email - her excitement about her shop and what she does is super contagious and She is FULL of energy and love for it. Based on the huge and terrific selection she has - I can tell she is committed to bringing her customers the best - and talented at it. Also, as a self-proclaimed artsy kind of girl, I can appreciate the artistic side of Emily and her projects with El Vintage including the creation of her Luxe Necklace line, Friendship Bracelets and collaborations with different photographers for photo-shoots displaying her pieces (above, here, here & here).  

And here is an interview with Emily from El Vintage so you can get to know a little about her!
1. First, what are 5 things that make you insanely happy?

-When everyone around me is happy.
-When I have my dogs next to me.
-Shopping for vintage.
-Coming up with a new clothing or accessory line.
-Traveling the world
2. You clearly have a love for and an eye for Vintage pieces, what has inspired this passion? 
My love for individual style instead of following a fashion magazine...and the millions of inspirations when I travel to European cities.
 3. What does "Vintage" mean to you?
It means timeless.  It means forever original and in-style.

4. What is your favorite piece in your Etsy store right now?
My new Luxe necklace line.  I am really excited about it and think the pieces
are completely rock star amazing!  
....Would make a very proper pumpkin patch date outfit ;)
belt, bag, dress, boots

 and here are a few other of my favorite selections from El Vintage: 
clutch, camisole, dress, Kimono

Or these....

Ok, I'm going to stop now, I might have gone overboard on the pictures...oopsy =)