London Part A: the Un-gorilla part

You guys, London completely stole my heart, I wasn't prepared for that! We had the best time. Plus, it was ridiculously refreshing to hear English everywhere and know what the heck was going on around me for once :)

-We stayed in Fulham
-We ate fish and chips, Indian food, pasties, bananas (aahaha), thai, and had a traditional tea experience
-We rode on the back of a bike thing - in a cart!
-Got to do some dancing ;)
-Infiltrated the Maddox Club - funny story!
-Paid a lot for cabs, oops
-Shopped...a lot. 
-Ate the best cupcakes at Hummingbird Cafe
-Shopped around Portobello Market in Knotting Hill
-I did not like Oxford St. one bit - Primark was batsh&% crazy.
-We had our hair done (as finding a good stylist in Switz is nearly impossible) and we loved it!

...and so much more. yet, I still have a huge list for the next time I return
Oh, and of course ran around in a Gorilla suit...those pics coming soon =)