Links & Things/Swiss Sundays...

I'm all packed and ready to visit London for my first time! I've written down all of your suggestions (huge thanks) and will report back on Tuesday!  The Great Gorilla Run is on Sunday...we'll see how that goes =) Maybe I'll be back with a gorilla picture or 2...or maybe I should be asking how much monies you'd pay to see them ;)
Ok, now I just have to get on the fact - I'm terrified of them, my stomach and heart already feel tight :(
But anyway, here's a 'swiss sunday-but-on-friday' picture that I had to take when I saw this scooter in Zurich the other day - I'd love to see who is driving that around!

*I like the internets*
And way special thanks' to
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for the awesome blog awards while I was away =) Thanks!