Links & Things

(A Picture my friend took on a recent trip to Budapest! It's so cute..)
Hope you guys all have a grand weekend. I don't even know if I'm coming or going, actually - oh my word. My sister in law leaves tomorrow (sad face) and also a new round of visitors arrive. WHOA. So I'll be up to shenanigans with them for the next week including a second trip to Cinque Terre. But really, actually, I'm exhausted and ready to get back to our normal routine which we haven't had since...mark left on his trip to the US like 2 months ago =(
So please still be my blog friend even if I'm a spotty commenter in the next couple weeks.

Links I am loving this week: 
  • If you have 2 minutes, watch this video here to get inspired and maybe even goosebumps!!
  • But then again, sometimes I can't handle the internet and the things I run in a Panda dancing to Soulja Boys Pretty Boy Swag? Really? But ok, it made me laugh.
  • My new friend, Lindsey, who is living in Luzern started a blog and it makes me laugh out loud :)
  • BEST wedding video ever, at Acquainted with the Night
  • This girl makes a dress a day out of a $1 find. Incredible...have you seen this?
  • Hot guys who sell you pads....I think this kind of creeps me out bigtime but I couldn't stop watching.... (Stayfree's new ads)
  • Now this is a gorgeous wedding veil...
  • I can't stop giggling at this video - it's priceless...a supernatural prank ;)