Humor me!

Stacey at Design Addict Mom tagged me in an award (ohhh forever really) with some questions to answer. (Thanks for thinking of me!). I just adore her - her blog is beautiful, her heart is beautiful and her son is beautiful. She's just one of those people whose souls radiates through her writing and the inspiring pictures that she posts!

1. Why do you blog?
This blog started because I wanted a way to remember everything that I came across that I loved - and to share it! I still look through the archives and love everything. Plus, how easy will my christmas list be to make? ;)  However, it's also since morphed in to me just enjoying being a part of this little community. I'm in awe at some of the amazing girls I've met along the way. I was away for last week and came back so excited to see everything I've missed!

2. What are your 3 best memories?Spending my summers as a teenager with my great-grandparents in Kentucky, me and Brandi making each other laugh so hard during classes in grad school that we would be shaking behind our computers trying not to make a sound or a scene!, a w/e Mark and I spent in Galena with his motorcycle, bed and breakfasts and some wineries =)

3. Name 4 of the best fiction books you've read.
Call Me By Your Name
Watership Down (I just remember loving this as a teen)

4. What are the 5 best movies ever made?
I'm so not a movie buff...I'm too in to books, but here are some I like!
Man on Wire
Where the Wild Things Are
Office Space =)
Ok, this isn't fun, I like most movies!

5. Name 5 things you can't live without. 
Soul mate friends.
My down comforter.
Hair Straightener....don't judge me. 

6. If you could change your name, what would it be?
I always wish my name was Claire. 

7. Tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself?
Besides the fact that I think this is the most difficult kind of question in the universe? One of my favorite things to do is to open the dishwasher after it's done running and stick my face in the hot air that comes out. Does that count? Maybe I fail at this question!

8. If you could have a freaky friday experience, who would you change places with?
Beyonce, totally.

9. What is the best thing about being a woman?
Feeling sexy and beautiful!

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