So I was laying on the beach and saw these 2 cuties playing and I couldn't help but laugh at their green and purple butts, they were adorable.

I know this sounds generic, but it's not...It was so good hearing from you on your comments from the last post and I'm stressed out by how out of touch I am, I miss you! I'm off on another trip with our visitors but on Tuesday I finally have some down time to catch up on your blogs and I can't wait. I know I shouldn't be all stressed out about not "blogging" and living "real life" but honestly, I kind of am because they are the same and I feel like a bad friend and I feel like you are part of my real life!

P.S. When people say they haven't been blogging because they are out living life, it makes me feel like a loser. And I'm totally not, so there.

P.S.S. Cross your fingers for a job interview I had this week - or don't...either way - having a job and not having a job are both acceptable options to me - but having a job would mean I could buy more of these amazing things I'm always posting and ranting about ;) (uh...or I mean, save more...)