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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bloggers' Boots Extravaganza

Yesterday I asked if you had a favorite winter boot to email to me so that I could post about it! Thankfully I'm not a huge loser and people actually gave me some suggestions, all of which I love. And, I'm not surprised, you're all pretty cool.
So without further ado...

The lovely Diane's choice.

Kate, my make-up muse's chocie.

Fashionable Bella's Choice
{Steve Madden & Steve Madden}
My lady Stacey's choice
{Kenneth Cole}

A classy Montreal ladie's choice
{La Cannadiene}
Artsy & Fun Charlotte's choice..
{Merrell Tetra Launch}
Sassy & hilarious Molly's Choice
{Naughty Monkey}
A gorgeous Parisian's choice
Laid-back bff material Holly's Choice
{Madden Girl}

Charming Katelyn's choice.

A lovely dancer's choice
{Hunter Boots} as well as the Anthro bow-tie ones from above!
(Hope I got the right boots, the link just took me to the website, so I tried to read it!)
A vintage choice for a beautiful girl
A fun-loving girls choice
{Nine West}
A talented Kelli's choice
A sleek and classy pick from a chic girl
{Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti}

A fashion and design conscious artisan's choice
{Anything from MaggioRosetto)
What a New Yorker chooses!
{Sam Edelman}
a life loving fashion addict living in Amsterdam's choice!
A vintage girl at heart's choice..

and last but not least...a girl with an amazing hearts choice

Thanks for playing along everyone!! (And sorry to give you all these shiny new boot ideas/crushes ;))
Hope you enjoyed seeing everyones choices!
Diana Mieczan said...

OMG...I love this post! Thanks so much for including me:)
Its so great to see what everyone likes:)

Ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

Reyna♥ said...

So cute!(:

Katelyn said...

yay! you have such fashionable followers!

Hollie said...

love!!! I'm a shoe addict. My fiance always laughs that I have more equity in my closet than my bank account. :\

Kelly Leigh said...

ahh i tried to play. Katelyns anthro choice was MY choice too, but i couldn't find it on the british anthro site. boo.

ps. So sorry i missed you this weekend! blog about the race!

Annie said...

I reallyyyyy love Diana's pick!

Nikki said...

How will you choose? I like the ones you posted yesterday. Versatile for sure. But of course you need a pair of wellies, as well as an English leather...oh and a western style. Okay really there is no one boot.

Stacey said...

I love them all and i' with Holly, i buy way too many shoes, but who's counting?(excepting maybe the hubby:-)).

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE this post. It's dangerous for me but hey, that's ok.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

love all my Frye's!

PS - GIVE-AWAY going on - just wanna spread the love!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Charlotte said...

It's so nice to see my name in print. ;)

oooooh, I'm loving Lady Grey's choice. That is one fine-lookin' boot!

heather yalin said...

Loving all of these! Really makes me want to do some boot shopping!

Kayla said...

These are fantastic picks. I am following you now!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Jessica said...

There are some hot boots in this lineup! You have some seriously stylish readers!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

wow so many to love! i'd pick out the madden girl ones too :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I loooove Diana's and Melissa's--the first and last--even though I'm not really a boot person. It was fun seeing all these!

Kristin said...

Those Fryes are most delicious!

cathy. said...

Love these choices!


Mandy said...

Woo hoo for a post all about boots!

style'n said...

Oh man I wish I was in on this. That's what I get for not commenting much yesterday. I love Diana's choice. I actually just bought the boots Nikki (Style and Charm) posted on her site. Love the post Krystal.

Gina said...

HOLY MOLY!! hehe

you sure got alot of responses ;)

my favorite are the naughty monkey ones, they are so different and only $99!

i will not use my credit card
i will not use my credit card......

self control!! haha

Buckeroomama said...

I love boots! I wish I could do those knee-high boots, but I'm too short, so I'm mostly stuck with ankle boots. :)

LyddieGal said...

Everyone has such wonderful picks!!! I guess knee-high boots are the style of choice for this fall.
I would love a pair of the classic Frye boots!

Chic on the Cheap

Jess said...

What a great idea for a post!! Love how you included everyone's favorites...

Lisa Griffin said...

wow that was a really great fun post, and I love lady grey's!

Gayle is Volatile said...

I love the Steve Madden's the most :D
P.S. Hope you like my post on new ring buys!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, you are so sweet and ind to feature my boots/blog;-)

Elaine said...

I loved this post!! It was great to see eveyrone's preferences.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

Great choices. Now I have a few more crushes.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Nice post, some majorly cute boots there!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home
Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

Punctuation Mark said...

i have to say today with all the rain in Miami my hunter boots were worth every single penny i paid for them!!! so i would say they are my faves today... i miss boot weather!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for making a compilation of it :) so many great choices!

Jammer said...

BOOTS BOOTS and MORE BOOTS!! This is like my dream post lol.

very married said...

this weekend in NYC will be perfect for boots!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Lovely boots- I have my AC on.

Ashley said...

this is super cute that you showcased everyone's pick. What a great post idea :)

We love you Krystal!!

Anna Jane said...

SUCH a fun idea! I love seeing what other bloggers picked!

xx anna jane

the chirpy bird said...

what a fabulous group of stylish bloggers! I love this post it's fabulous! So many great styles huh?!
xo tash

Josie said...

Oh, I love them ALL! So fun.
xo Josie

Marie said...

Boots are everywhere!!!:D Love the first pair!:D

***** Marie *****

Ann Nichols said...

Oh Wow, Krystal! What a great selection! Don't these ladies all have the best fashion sense! I like them all!
PS I love your new profile picture!!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

What a lovely roundup of boots - love the variety (and have a similar pair of Frye boots!)

this free bird said...

I would've given you one or a hundred or something but I was hangin w/my bff's and melting away. It's been too long!!

And I'm hooked on those Merrell's!


Signe said...

Love that first pair for sure, been drooling on them since I saw them on Ruche!

andrea said...

my friend has my dream boots that she got for $80 five years ago! i need to ask her again what the company name is and where she got them. i hope to god they're still available somewhere... i've been wanting the perfect pair of boots for so long that it's about time i finally just buy them! (if i can find them of course)

and i could totally use them on a day like today! (there is sooo much rain, rain yesterday, all last night, and pounding down this morning...)

Mariel Torres said...

i believe i want them all!


Now this is a fabulous post!!! Love all the choices. Of course such fabulous bloggers would have such fab choices. Especially LOVING Diana's choice :)

Valerie said...

Um, can I have them all?? Love all the choices. I think the first pair is my favorite and I have the Hunters in grey. So excited about boot season!


kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

omg, i'm in boot HEAVEN!

my lumberjack-y boots totally stick out, heh. :P

Catita said...

HA! so cool you did it and that you wrote a little something about all the girls and added their blog banner! you are so sweet and imaginative. So I still love mine boots (I purchased them last week and can't wait to wear them) and also love the Art Eco from Sam Edelman a lot and of course the Hunters! Perfect for the rainy days in Amsterdam walking my chi-terrier mix a.k.a love of my life little princess Mimosa!!!

Catita said...

oh yeah and fashion addict? woow! i mean i know it just funny to hear it from someone else i met through the blogsphere....time to start those yoga classes to see if my materialistic urges drop! or not...;)

Oh, My Darling said...

This is such a fun post!!! I love how the boots all sort of tell a little about the person (and thanks for featuring the amazing Frye boots!). If I didn't imagine that this took forever, in terms of uploading the pictures, etc., I'd definitely say that this would be a wonderful regular feature, with different items each week!


i want all these boots!! come follow and vote 4 me xxo

Fashion-rocks said...

I love high length boots

She Wore It Well said...

omg why did i not send you these!!!


SwissTwist said...

I just bought my first pair of boots for this season, must email you the pic.. love all these you have here, esp the Zara ones!

Danielle said...

great post! This is making me sad about the 80 degree day we are having. I am soooo ready for boots!!!

Miss amanda said...

I am obsessed with boots. I own about six pairs of black ones. It is my only fashion luxury i allow myself.

There goes my productive afternoon. Now i am going to be salivating over these lovelies and seeing if i can stretch my budget to allow for a new pair to add to the collection.

April Clubwear said...

I love those Boots



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