The above pictures are from a trip we took with some friends to the Alsace Region of France where we camped and did some wine tasting!
Quick version of catch up or I'll write a book and we don't want that!
  • Have had visitors at my place for the last month
  • Just said goodbye to the last round a couple days ago
  • I have no idea where to begin with catching up anything
  • It was so fun but entirely exhausting, as if you hadn't heard me whine about it yet!
  • I was in Cinque Terre twice in the past month. 
  • I got to walk around Milan for 2 hours - only went in to the American Apparel...ashamed. 
  • I drove a manual car in to Milan and down to CT...I can do anything now. 
  • I've eaten in the last month what I usually eat in one year, I'm sure...
  • My reader has over 2,000 things to read in it...
  • I didn't get that job =( Turns out I need to speak gooder German...;)
  • Finding a job in der Schweiz is almost impossible but can be done, so I'm hopeful. My degree doesn't transfer here so I've been applying to HR's and admin assistant positions all of who want fluent German, of which I don't have. I have to talk down my resume. But, we moved here knowing I might not be able to I'm not upset or anything! But...I am learning german....
  • And now...I go read your blogs!
  • Oops, I wrote a book..