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Thursday, September 30, 2010

London Part A: the Un-gorilla part

You guys, London completely stole my heart, I wasn't prepared for that! We had the best time. Plus, it was ridiculously refreshing to hear English everywhere and know what the heck was going on around me for once :)

-We stayed in Fulham
-We ate fish and chips, Indian food, pasties, bananas (aahaha), thai, and had a traditional tea experience
-We rode on the back of a bike thing - in a cart!
-Got to do some dancing ;)
-Infiltrated the Maddox Club - funny story!
-Paid a lot for cabs, oops
-Shopped...a lot. 
-Ate the best cupcakes at Hummingbird Cafe
-Shopped around Portobello Market in Knotting Hill
-I did not like Oxford St. one bit - Primark was batsh&% crazy.
-We had our hair done (as finding a good stylist in Switz is nearly impossible) and we loved it!

...and so much more. yet, I still have a huge list for the next time I return
Oh, and of course ran around in a Gorilla suit...those pics coming soon =)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bloggers' Boots Extravaganza

Yesterday I asked if you had a favorite winter boot to email to me so that I could post about it! Thankfully I'm not a huge loser and people actually gave me some suggestions, all of which I love. And, I'm not surprised, you're all pretty cool.
So without further ado...

The lovely Diane's choice.

Kate, my make-up muse's chocie.

Fashionable Bella's Choice
{Steve Madden & Steve Madden}
My lady Stacey's choice
{Kenneth Cole}

A classy Montreal ladie's choice
{La Cannadiene}
Artsy & Fun Charlotte's choice..
{Merrell Tetra Launch}
Sassy & hilarious Molly's Choice
{Naughty Monkey}
A gorgeous Parisian's choice
Laid-back bff material Holly's Choice
{Madden Girl}

Charming Katelyn's choice.

A lovely dancer's choice
{Hunter Boots} as well as the Anthro bow-tie ones from above!
(Hope I got the right boots, the link just took me to the website, so I tried to read it!)
A vintage choice for a beautiful girl
A fun-loving girls choice
{Nine West}
A talented Kelli's choice
A sleek and classy pick from a chic girl
{Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti}

A fashion and design conscious artisan's choice
{Anything from MaggioRosetto)
What a New Yorker chooses!
{Sam Edelman}
a life loving fashion addict living in Amsterdam's choice!
A vintage girl at heart's choice..

and last but not least...a girl with an amazing hearts choice

Thanks for playing along everyone!! (And sorry to give you all these shiny new boot ideas/crushes ;))
Hope you enjoyed seeing everyones choices!

Zara and Winter Boots

Zara's perfect winter boot.
Yes...that was decided by moi!

*Do you have a favorite boot this season? Email me or leave a link in my comments in the next 24 hrs and I shall do a pretty roundup boot blog post with everyone's picks!
Until then...I'll be checking my email excessively waiting for your response...
Friday, September 24, 2010

Links & Things/Swiss Sundays...

I'm all packed and ready to visit London for my first time! I've written down all of your suggestions (huge thanks) and will report back on Tuesday!  The Great Gorilla Run is on Sunday...we'll see how that goes =) Maybe I'll be back with a gorilla picture or 2...or maybe I should be asking how much monies you'd pay to see them ;)
Ok, now I just have to get on the fact - I'm terrified of them, my stomach and heart already feel tight :(
But anyway, here's a 'swiss sunday-but-on-friday' picture that I had to take when I saw this scooter in Zurich the other day - I'd love to see who is driving that around!

*I like the internets*
And way special thanks' to
Bella Gets Real
Selma, Crazy Little World of Mine
Cocktails & Orgies
Tragic Fairy Tales
for the awesome blog awards while I was away =) Thanks!



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