Whoa Red Bull!

Bama sleeping on my leg. My heart can't handle is cute.

The stylish SoulPrincess! all the way from Norway tagged me to do a little "in and out" thing. I'm totally in the mood to do these lately! So here goes! (!!) (Plus...I was introduced to Red Bull tonight  and I didn't even have much but here I am going strong {thanksforthemotivationyouknowwhoyouare)

The song Majesty by Madrugada that I just heard on SignePling. It's magical
+ My running schedule - I've worked so hard all summer to stick with it and be at the mileage I am now - I feel victorious! In your face!...someone...
+ My new maxi dress...FINALLY!
+ Coffee on grey mornings
+ The sunny and 80 degree weather I have coming up this weekend
+ Mark coming home on saturday!!
+ Reading
+ Dressing up as a gorilla for a race, betcha can't wait to see THOSE pics
+ The awesome swap I did with Chantelle at Daisy Dayz. She sent along a british mag that spent some time with me and a glass of wine the other night =)

+ The end of summer =(
+ Job searching = lame!
+ A neighbor who blows his nose loudly outside. for real?
+ drinks with friends then mcdonalds for dinner....too much happening there
+ O.P.I. Nail Polish color costing about $26 here...my jaw is still on the floor. But shamefully, I now have     Glitzerland in my possession. Don't ask me the mental gymnastics I achieved to justify that....please?

Now I tag YOU because you read my blog and I read your blog and I want to know what's in and out, k?!