Taggity tag

Was tagged by the beautiful Fashion Butter with some questions! If you like gorgeousness, down to earth-ness (just made a word) and Greece you have to go check this blog out =)

1.   Do you wear a watch?
Yesss, I'm always catching trains and buses so it's super helpful. It's a little gold Timex watch from UO - I love it and no other watch has caught my eye since =)

2.   What types of things do you refuse to spend money on?  Splurge on? 
It really kills me to have to buy bottled water! I just can't bring myself to do it unless I'm dehydrated and on my last leg. But I will throw down the .40 cents it takes to buy a packet of ketchup at Mcdonalds here, for sure!  As for everything else, it's all fair game. My general rule is to not buy anything unless I truly love it. (The thing is though, I love a lot of things)

3.   Favorite animal?
My dog...truly. Penguins are a close second =)

4.   The best concert you have ever attended?
I must go with when Mark and I saw Greg Laswell in Des Moines, IA - there was hardly anyone there so we sat at a table near the bar, sipped on great beer and had a flawless view.

5.   What's the oldest piece of clothing you still own and wear?
A pair of A&F jeans that I bought in HS for $50 - the most expensive pair I had bought at that time! They have some holes, some paint, and some rips in them now but they are still so comfortable. I imagine they have stretched quite a bit over the years =)

6.   How do you *really* feel about cat print rompers?
So, I think I might be too old for them?

7.   What towns/cities have you lived in over the years?
Brooklyn NY, Valparaiso IN, Grand Rapids MI, Cedar Rapids IA, Huntsville AL, Buochs - Switzerland

8.   Hot sauce ... evil or yummy?