a Picture and a Questionnaire

It was GORGEOUS here on Saturday! Not a cloud in the sky! ...Ok, just one - isn't it so cute? 

I was tagged by Mariam (Mon Style De Vie) to answer some questions! I rarely do these but...I feel like it today! (I apparently also feeling like using a lot of exclamation marks!!)
Her questions were:

1. What current style do you think will end up being a fad?
2. What's your guilty pleasure?
3. What made you decide to start a blog?
4. Favourite Past time
5. Do you have a job or are you a student?
6. Favourite Chocolate Bar/Candy?
7. Money/Love?
8. Favourite Music & Movie Genre?

1. Harem pants - for sure. I hope that boy capris are a fad too. Or maybe this is a europe thing? dislike.
2. Chick Lit - I have to read it every now and then even though Mark makes fun of me =)
3. I was always running across things on the Internet that I wanted to remember, so starting a blog was a way to document it all.
4. Reading, Running, Reading your blogs!
5. Just graduated with my masters in Social Work last year to be a therapist - but then moved to Switzerland where the degree most def doesn't transfer - currently on the job hunt =)
6. Kage-Fretli's - these amazing chocolate wafer things here: I've been known to eat a whole box in one day but don't judge me you would too i swear!
7. Love
8. Music: folk/indie genre (ex. Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, etc). Movies: I like most movies!