Aggravated Mayhem in the Laundry

Switzerland wants to thank you for all of your birthday wishes and says she had an amazing celebration despite the rain!
No people set off their fireworks despite the downpour, it was pretty fun!
We watched most of the shows from the dryness of our balcony - but I got it in my head to try to go look at this other show happening....which leads me to...THE SHIRT.
The most annoying shirt in the WORLD.
I bought a blue sweatshirt similar to the one above from H&M. no big deal. Threw in the laundry...BIG DEAL. Huge deal because the renegade shirt turned 90% of my coloreds BLUE.
Then today Mark decided to do laundry and disregard my neat piles...and the coloreds that were turned blue turned EVEN MORE coloreds blue. So now, I'm not kidding you, at least 70% of my laundry has a blue tint to it now.
So then tonight I'm wearing a white dress. So then I decide I need to go ride my bike in the pouring rain to see a particular firework show and guess what I'm wearing over the white dress.
The blue shirt.
Guess what color dress I have now?
Thank you...thank you very much H&M.
So you're probably like, why don't you throw the blue things away?
and if I threw everything away there goes 90% of my underthings!
It's complete aggravated mayhem!

I'm sorry...I just wasted 4 min. of your time. now carry on!