5-Year Journal

This is one of my favorite possessions ever...I mean, the whole "if your apt. was on fire what you grab" kind of favorite.
You can purchase it Here
It's a 5 year diary! Each page represents one date, so when you write in it year after year you can easily see what you wrote the year before. You only write a few lines per day, so it's pretty easy to keep up on =) It also has a place to list the books you've read and the places you've been (with a little map to make a dot on it!)
I guess I'm getting a little nostalgic about life - when I opened to today I saw that a year ago we were making plans to fly to Switzerland for Marks job interview - it makes me think about how crazy life is and you just never know what is around the corner. I couldn't have dreamt up 90% of the things I've done in the past year a year ago - isn't that what makes life wonderful? =)