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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding Cake

One of the prettiest wedding cakes I've seen.
Monday, August 30, 2010

Golden Bar Necklace & Boots

I have to say, I am in love with this necklace that I saw on Diana's Express-o, the kind where my heart started beating fast when I saw it...

and then I saw these boots on life of charmings and got really excited for fall but also not excited that my "want to buy" list is out of control! ;)

P.S. {Yay for a blog award from Pursuit of Love, Laugher & Travels, thank you!!}

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cinque Terre Part dos - so Italy Sunday

Besides all of the good family photos, Italy is just an amazing and colorful place to take pictures that can end up on walls or like in art galleries (hi, art me!)...or something =). No matter where you point your camera in Italy you're almost guaranteed to get a decent shot!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I missed you!

Well hello! I have sure missed you all and reading your blogs. It's safe to say my reader is bursting at the seams and I can't wait to catch up!
We've been having a fun time with Mark's family. I don't know where to begin with the million pictures that I took of Cinque Terre in Italy - so I'll let them speak for themselves and tell you that you must put it on your "to do" list! 

Playing out on the rocks =)

Train ride to dinner in Vernazza

the entourage

These all came from my sister in law's camera and were edited by me. I'll post some of my own tomorrow! 

Oh, and remember that you can get free shipping at Brooklyn Thread until the end of August! Just let her know that you're a Village reader in the notes at check out and she'll refund you the shipping cost!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Happy Monday! What trouble did you get in to this weekend? The above pic is from somewhere downtown Luzern on Friday night - I love the moon and mountain in the background! I had the best Mojito of my life at this little bar!
Mark returned on Saturday after 3 weeks in the states and also his mom arrived and is visiting! (Which is why I'm epically behind on catching up on your blogs =( ) We are meeting up with his sisters tomorrow in Cinque Terre and spending a couple days there - so things will be quiet around my little blog this week! (I just made a quiet village reference then decided was way dorky - and it was). Ok, bye!!
Friday, August 20, 2010

Luzern Stop-Motion Video

I know I am for real way more excited about this than you will be...but it's my city! in a stop motion video!

I couldn't even wait until Swiss Sundays or whatever to share it, it had to be NOW. Really, don't pay much attention to the song, just the sights :)
(via SwissMiss)
Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mapping it..

I'm sure this would look great behind my couch! I'm in desperate need of some cool things for my walls...and I seem to be progressing very slowly. (I'm not even going to mention how long we've been in this flat)...
(find on Etsy here)

I love map related things, here are some more from a journey around etsy~

Whoa Red Bull!

Bama sleeping on my leg. My heart can't handle is cute.

The stylish SoulPrincess! all the way from Norway tagged me to do a little "in and out" thing. I'm totally in the mood to do these lately! So here goes! (!!) (Plus...I was introduced to Red Bull tonight  and I didn't even have much but here I am going strong {thanksforthemotivationyouknowwhoyouare)

The song Majesty by Madrugada that I just heard on SignePling. It's magical
+ My running schedule - I've worked so hard all summer to stick with it and be at the mileage I am now - I feel victorious! In your face!...someone...
+ My new maxi dress...FINALLY!
+ Coffee on grey mornings
+ The sunny and 80 degree weather I have coming up this weekend
+ Mark coming home on saturday!!
+ Reading
+ Dressing up as a gorilla for a race, betcha can't wait to see THOSE pics
+ The awesome swap I did with Chantelle at Daisy Dayz. She sent along a british mag that spent some time with me and a glass of wine the other night =)

+ The end of summer =(
+ Job searching = lame!
+ A neighbor who blows his nose loudly outside. for real?
+ drinks with friends then mcdonalds for dinner....too much happening there
+ O.P.I. Nail Polish color costing about $26 jaw is still on the floor. But shamefully, I now have     Glitzerland in my possession. Don't ask me the mental gymnastics I achieved to justify that....please?

Now I tag YOU because you read my blog and I read your blog and I want to know what's in and out, k?!
Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scout and Catalogue - The Astral Tote

Be still my heart.
Purchase here
{via this lovely}

Unique Place to Eat - Zurich

Ok, so apparently there is this restaurant/cafe in Zurich, My Place, where you can enjoy tapas, salads, etc - as well as browse for furniture! Anything in the restaurant is second hand and up for sale to be bought for you if you want it - I think I need to go see this place!

{images via their website}
Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love everything about this look at Free People: the hat, the cargo pants, the shoes, the jacket...
And also the look below from tobi!

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P.S.S. Thanks Kerry from A Little Fashion Romance for the blog award =)
Monday, August 16, 2010

Brooklyn Thread & Free Shipping!

I can't keep the secret any longer. I was going to try to take a cool picture of my give-away win but as you know, Mark is gone and I don't have the gift of taking self portraits...and I can't keep this blog and shop away from you one more minute =) One of my seriously favorite online shops had a give away and I won!
So, without further ado, meet: 

I've been reading Joanna's blog, Lifestyle Bohemia, for awhile now because she has amazing taste. I really enjoy every post and always look forward to them, I dare you not to love it ;)
Her jewelry creations are just brilliant, are some of my favorites! (don't forget to read below to find out how to get free shipping ;))

 The bracelet I won! {here

All can be found on her shop!
she is offering free world-wide shipping to Village readers until the end of August! Just leave a note in the checkout letting her know that you read this blog and she'll refund you the shipping costs =)
Happy shopping at Brooklyn Thread!

(check out some Brooklyn Thread looks here & here)

Taggity tag

Was tagged by the beautiful Fashion Butter with some questions! If you like gorgeousness, down to earth-ness (just made a word) and Greece you have to go check this blog out =)

1.   Do you wear a watch?
Yesss, I'm always catching trains and buses so it's super helpful. It's a little gold Timex watch from UO - I love it and no other watch has caught my eye since =)

2.   What types of things do you refuse to spend money on?  Splurge on? 
It really kills me to have to buy bottled water! I just can't bring myself to do it unless I'm dehydrated and on my last leg. But I will throw down the .40 cents it takes to buy a packet of ketchup at Mcdonalds here, for sure!  As for everything else, it's all fair game. My general rule is to not buy anything unless I truly love it. (The thing is though, I love a lot of things)

3.   Favorite animal?
My dog...truly. Penguins are a close second =)

4.   The best concert you have ever attended?
I must go with when Mark and I saw Greg Laswell in Des Moines, IA - there was hardly anyone there so we sat at a table near the bar, sipped on great beer and had a flawless view.

5.   What's the oldest piece of clothing you still own and wear?
A pair of A&F jeans that I bought in HS for $50 - the most expensive pair I had bought at that time! They have some holes, some paint, and some rips in them now but they are still so comfortable. I imagine they have stretched quite a bit over the years =)

6.   How do you *really* feel about cat print rompers?
So, I think I might be too old for them?

7.   What towns/cities have you lived in over the years?
Brooklyn NY, Valparaiso IN, Grand Rapids MI, Cedar Rapids IA, Huntsville AL, Buochs - Switzerland

8.   Hot sauce ... evil or yummy?
Sunday, August 15, 2010

swiss sundays! and some links :)

If you're ever here, you have to visit the Trift Bridge. We did this hike with some friends last month and it was amazing!
And happy Sunday! - I had a fun Fri. the 13th out on the town then I met my sister in laws with a bottle of prosecco at the train station yesterday to celebrate their arrival here! I managed to open it safely, I always get nervous, but Jen let me practice Friday night ;) They left today for Italy travels and Mark and I and his mom will meet up with them next weekend in Cinque Terra for some quality family time before we head back here to show them around der Schweiz. As for today, it's me, my puppy, coffee and rain =)

I love the internet:
{Thanks to Daisy Dayz, Bella Gets Real & Laugh, Live, Dream, Take for the lovely blog awards :)
Friday, August 13, 2010

Is it hot in here?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

An idea!

I love this idea that Little Green Notebook featured - taking a picture of something small and sentimental and then blowing it up big and framing it! My head is spinning with ideas =)


So, does this make you want to visit Paris with your favorite people like it does me?!
Blogger meetup in Paris?

If the video doesn't work you must check it out HERE!

(P.S. Thanks Daisy Dayz & Laugh, Live, Dream, Take for the lovely blog awards :))
Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I love these Symmetry scarves with that chain detail - what a great touch!

A house!

(full article @ Apt Therapy)

Dear Mark,
I know you'll see this...
I want this house!
Our anniversary IS coming up...;)
<3, Krystal
Tuesday, August 10, 2010


These UO dresses are alllll me!
:: from here & here ::

My Dog Tulip

I'm pretty sure I want to see this little film based on J.R. Ackerley's 1956 Memoir, My Dog Tulip. But I will have to read the book first!
Can you watch movies before reading the books? I can't!

(P.S Thanks to Daisy Dayz & Laugh, Live, Dream, Take for the lovely blog awards :))
Monday, August 9, 2010


Ok first, I loved reading your answers to the last post - you should go read everyone's - it's inspiring, gives me the warm fuzzies. On a side note, did you get those little neon furry balls to give to people as 'warm fuzzies' in elementary school? those were awesome, we should use those as adults, yo!

Second, I have been running in to so many simple DIY projects on your blogs that I had to list them here for everyone! I know I want to try them ASAP!

Multi-Strand Jersey Necklace and a DIY Jewelry Frame via Sarah @ Wearing It On My Sleeves
I have the perfect B&W shirt to do this with!

Using your left over foreign currency to organize your jewelry via Pursuit of Love, Laughter & Travels
just glue them onto a nail, brilliant! =)


How to make gift bags out of newspapers via How About Orange

and last but not least...

A Quote

Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? 

-Mary Oliver
(photo is Leonardo al Mare via Design Crush)
Sunday, August 8, 2010

Links & Things

I think I might reserve Sundays for sharing a picture from where I live...and to get real crazy I might call it Sundays in Switzerland. or Swiss Sundays or...if I can get cheesier, maybe I will! Anyway, I hope your weekends have been great! I'm headed to a Spain party later today at the beach - complete with Sangria and Paella - well, if the rain stops =(

*And now for the weekly links thing*
Happy Sunday! 
Friday, August 6, 2010

5-Year Journal

This is one of my favorite possessions ever...I mean, the whole "if your apt. was on fire what you grab" kind of favorite.
You can purchase it Here
It's a 5 year diary! Each page represents one date, so when you write in it year after year you can easily see what you wrote the year before. You only write a few lines per day, so it's pretty easy to keep up on =) It also has a place to list the books you've read and the places you've been (with a little map to make a dot on it!)
I guess I'm getting a little nostalgic about life - when I opened to today I saw that a year ago we were making plans to fly to Switzerland for Marks job interview - it makes me think about how crazy life is and you just never know what is around the corner. I couldn't have dreamt up 90% of the things I've done in the past year a year ago - isn't that what makes life wonderful? =)



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