Twitter, Ring Crush, etc...

Soo Pretty.
{Banana Republic}

So my little Village blog is all set up with a Twitter now - so you should follow me so that I can follow you because I am a hollaback girl.  It's already crazycakes and I'm only following 3 people and have 'tweeted' three times. Word. So bring it on! (@okVillage)

In other news - I'm headed to Montreux today to see one of my favorite bands ever, Mumford & Sons, play at the Jazz Fest. Hopefully I'll get some fun pictures.

In even other other news...I woke up this morning feeling like P.Diddy....Ok nevermind i can't keep a straight face! But I kind of did because 2 more awards were thrown my way so thanks Katie at Fashion's Maven  and Sara at C'est La Vie !! Much love to you both..

I'll let you go now because...listen to me! No one should quote "Hollaback Girl" AND Ke$ha in one post...let alone one day.