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Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Challenge Roundup: Day 6 & 7

In case you missed the Photo Challenge - it was a 20 day picture taking challenge that I and several other people took part in. It's been so fun to see all of their pictures - and some are still in the process of finishing. I've taken to rounding each days 'challenge' up in a collage so that we can all see them together. It is always neat to see so many different perspectives in one group!
Here are days 6 & 7:
(as always, you can click the group to see it larger)

Day 6 - A Picture that Inspires You

Day 7 - A Picture from a Past Vacation

Anonymous said...

I saw those pictures and I loved it. I loved your pictures and I also loved Indigo pictures

Emily Jane said...

This challenge looks so much fun. Loving your pics :)

Kelly Leigh said...

I loved looking at your photo challenge. Can you do another??? I want to do one with pictures that we take recently. I'll help you plan it! What do ya say?

Molly said...

I agree with Kelly! Another another.
Although, I need to get past my fear of taking a picture "featuring motion" so that I can finish THIS photo challenge ;)

Josie said...

Love the Swiss Twist photo! I love your roundups, doll.
xo Josie

Kari said...

I love the photos, what a good idea :)

M said...

Great photo-montage here! Everything looks fantastic!!!!!! Want to be in all of those places at once! :)


Diana Mieczan said...

Love those photos....Always so fun to see the whole round up:)


firepages said...

I love the photo collage. I really want to start making my own. It's like an updated version of scrapbooking. I so don't have the patience to cut our the little decorations for scrapbooking, but this photo collage seems like the perfect solution! I can't wait to see your next collage!



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