My Wardrobe Weekend Project...

Besides the fact that I love the rain - I'm also glad that it rained last Saturday because staying inside gave me the incentive to get this project out of my head.
We bought this wardrobe used - and then there is blue-ish bedding...and gold curtains - and really....I'm just not a primary colors kind of girl but I don't know how it happened!
So now that it's fresh and white I'm thinking new curtains (hi mark!) and now I can feel free to figure out some wall art (suprising how much a red wardrobe stopped me from decorating...)

Do you have any suggestions?? 

(and thanks to Bama (like as in alabama) for making an appearance this dog is never over 5 feet away from me I swear he waits at the door for me to finish using the bathroom but I love him so so so much!)