Mumford & Sons/Montreux Jazz Fest

Seeing Mumford & Sons last night was just as amazing as it was 2 months ago. They are, hands down, the only band right now that I would brave crowds of smelly drunk people for (and that we did)! I've decided that I would love to see them somewhere in the US now - I feel like crowds here in Switzerland aren't as wild and obnoxious as they would be at home - maybe it's that Swiss reserve I keep hearing about - or maybe us Americans really are just as loud and crazy as people here say we are =)

And...Montreux is gorgeous!! It was the 2nd time I've been there and I just keep loving it - from the city stacked on the hill side, a couple of castle looking buildings in view, the unpretentious downtown area to the cute clothing/food booths set up along the river walk - there is so much to see and so many cafe's to try! My favorite is the churro stand - last time, don't judge me, but I ate 5 churros to myself! This time I contained myself and just had a crepe for dessert.

So, I wasn't so hot in the picture taking Nikki would say, "I had more than 2 drinks". But I tried...just had to wade through eleventythousand pictures of random things. Enjoy!

My hot date.

Let me introduce my favorite thing about Switzerland - the lakes and how everyone is always swimming in them. If there is a lakeside - you can jump in - no silly rules and fences and danger signs! You will find people, businessmen, jumping in during their lunch breaks.

Crepes...le sigh...

Look who I ran in to, my DREAM bike!!!!

A moment of silence please, for how amazing Cevapcici is...

Bar seating areas set up along the lake

Some what I wore action
{H&M sequin vest, Zara basic white tee, H&M boy shorts, Gap flats}

Sorry for the picture overload!
Have a good day...or else!
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