Lugano, Switzerland

Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this whole trip! The first day was Awful. There was traffic and a whiny dog and not finding our campsite and waiting for a bus in hot hot sun and dehydration and being cranky with eachother and finding out there's no return bus to our site and almost being late for dinner reservations and the heat and it rained on our tent when we didn't have the rain thing on AND a Harley Davidson festival in town! (so our quiet relaxing dinner along the water was a noisy one). I'm not sure we were actually talking by the end of the night because we were so worn out and cranky.
So needless to say the first evening wasn't as romantical as I had planned...
And mark definitely didn't get to see the "relaxing lakeside town" that I had described...
but it did turn around the next day when we decided to skip hiking (the heat, omg, the heat) and laze around town enjoying breakfast, thrifty finds, gelato and street food vendors. 

P.S. The Lucky 7..