{I'm enjoying my new shoes here!}

The weekend is here again - I feel like this summer is going by so fast and it hurts my heart! Mark, my little dog and I are road tripping to the Italian part of Switzerland where we plan to visit Lugano, have pizza, fit all 3 of us in a 2 person tent and then hike (save me now!) in the morning before heading home. What are you up to, friends? Whatever it is - do it to the fullest! (not sure where my cheesiness has come from, but I mean it!)


  • Check out Indie Ink and my picture that was posted there today - It's "a non-profit independent literary and art collective and community of writers and artists who may not have been seen otherwise". I've got mad love for this website!
  • Killer kool camera straps 
  • Camp Comfort highlighted my dream backpack...I keep seeing them everywhere, it's basically meant to be
  • DIY: Design some plates using simple white IKEA dishes...genius!
  • I'm very jealous of HoboVogue's old navy green can I get one?! Maybe in black? Can ON just like, custom make it for me, just this one time please?
  • I have to spotlight Tayebug's post about why we need to love our bodies - so true!.
P.S. Thanks Jess (Cheap but Chic/Jess's Clothing Picks of the Week) for the fun award! (Diddy!)