Links + Day 4 Roundup...Remember those?

Happy Saturday!

I'll be basking in the sun at the beach today with my girl - it's supposed to rain for the whole next week! Then throwing a World Cup party tomorrow for the final - I can't even wait - the Spain team is, you know, extremely pleasing to look at...
Tell me what you're up to, friends!

Here are some links that I want to remember for myself and also share with you - so in my blog they go (plus I love when people do these roundups...LOVE it)

+ I love Marcie's (Lemons and Laundry) new weekend idea - you can submit a pic from your weekend to her and she'll do a roundup on Fridays! It's so cute =) My picture is in yesterdays!
+This is why I watch the World Cup, basically: Sexiest World Cup Final Ever?
+ Find out if someone is using your pictures online and without your knowledge at Image Rights
+I really like these sandals, but am not able to decide between white and black
Kind of why we miss Iowa (thanks Mark)
+ This tanktop and this tanktop kind of embody my simple summer style this year
+ I want to try this DIY Wall Art - I have some serious empty wall space in my flat
+Possibly my new running shoes - what are your favorite shoes to run in? I'm torn between Aasics and ones where I like their look =)


Remember the Photo Challenge? Some lovely bloggers are still making their way through it which is why I wait a bit between these roundups. They aren't crazy like I was to do it every single day =) Here is the roundup from Day 4: A Picture of Where you Went Today. It's always interesting to see the different lives we all lead!