A Giveaway? What?

~A very cool scarf, if I don't say so myself~
~scarves are another of my addictions~
~and Gents - maybe your ladies would like it? Or I mean, you can wear it to, I won't judge you~

Just simply leave a comment below to enter.
(Last day to enter is Sunday, July 25th)
Giveaway winner will be chosen Monday, July 26th!
(one entry per person)

{I always kind of wondered why people did giveaways all the time...but it wasn't really until I got to know so many of you and started really appreciating all of your upbeat comments day after day, and started to enjoy learning more about you through your blogs - it's been fun and I feel happy and thankful to be part of this little group of people. I now totally understand the generosity behind this type of thing! So thank you, Village People! (I just went there) And P.S. I ran across this yesterday at a little shop in Zurich and thought of you - as it is totally something I would post here if I found it online!}