Freitag Bags

When I first moved here and was - you know, doing reconnaissance throughout the city on Swiss Fashion - I kept noticing these Freitag bags. They were so new to me and unique that my curiosity was piqued! I was soon informed that these were a trend here and when I researched the history I can definitely see why!

Freitag bags were created all because two graphic designer brothers from Zurich were looking for durable waterproof messenger bags that could carry their designs as they navigated the streets of their rainy city on bicycles.  The designs were inspired by the bright tarps of "lorries" passing by their flat! 
Consequently, these bags are all made from used durable materials such as truck tarpaulins, seatbelts, recycled air bags, bicycle inner tubes, etc...which fits in well with the Swiss' love for recycling :)
I have yet to purchase a Freitag bag - but I do want one at some point - there are so many designs to choose from! And do I get a messenger bag (below) or a tote? I think it will be a tote...The possibilities are endless and each bag is unique...
It's a big decision, you guys!