Guess what!!?
Mark rescued my bike back yesterday!! He's pretty much my hero. I guess the guy rode by him on my bike so he turned and followed him to the beach - then even though he was with all of his friends Mark went up to him and explained that it was mine and got it back! Well, minus the basket...they had taken it off :( The guy said it was his "friends". Grr...
Before all this happened I had already decided that it was one of my favorite days - I had an amazing run in the morning, went for an early swim with my boys (mark and dog =)) and was looking forward to friends coming over for the World Cup - I even thought to myself - the only way it could get better was if my bike was returned...then it was!
These pictures were from when I was really sad about it and looking around on the internet for places to buy an old used city bike (that no one will want to steal). These are the styles that I totally want - Even with my bike back, I think I'll still keep my eye out for one =)

P.S. Thanks to Cat from Cat in DreamlandKelly Leigh, and EDK Dolce for the recent blog awards! You guys are pretty much the awesomest =)