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Friday, July 30, 2010

Links & Things

Hey friends! It's the weekend! I'll be spending it with this handsome man before he leaves for the US for 3 weeks =(  You know, I look forward to the 'me' time and I'm happy about it for a few days - then I'm ready for him to be back. Also, The "Swiss National Holiday" is this weekend - which means fireworks (which equals a scared dog)! And apparently everyone has brunch at farms on Sunday - where they serve fresh eggs, etc...I think we'll have to try out this Swiss tradition =)
What are you up to?

~Things that caught my eye this week~
  • I like this camera a lot
  • Remember the tea cups from yesterday? Kelli from Bug Miscellany found them on Etsy, how awesome is that!
  • C. Jane Create is having a whole week of giveaways next week, I will be there!
  • Interested in a penpal? Oh, My Darling is hosting a penpal swap =)
  • article on cute gym wear - I need more of these articles...
  • This pizza looks amaaazing
  • This watch would be fun to add to my UO watch collection~
  • I think this dress was made for me and they forgot to tell me...

Photo Challenge Roundup: Day 6 & 7

In case you missed the Photo Challenge - it was a 20 day picture taking challenge that I and several other people took part in. It's been so fun to see all of their pictures - and some are still in the process of finishing. I've taken to rounding each days 'challenge' up in a collage so that we can all see them together. It is always neat to see so many different perspectives in one group!
Here are days 6 & 7:
(as always, you can click the group to see it larger)

Day 6 - A Picture that Inspires You

Day 7 - A Picture from a Past Vacation

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Also adorable..

And these are a different way!


How adorable is she?!

This picture reminds me of the song, Sophisticated Side Ponytail =)
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Wardrobe Weekend Project...

Besides the fact that I love the rain - I'm also glad that it rained last Saturday because staying inside gave me the incentive to get this project out of my head.
We bought this wardrobe used - and then there is blue-ish bedding...and gold curtains - and really....I'm just not a primary colors kind of girl but I don't know how it happened!
So now that it's fresh and white I'm thinking new curtains (hi mark!) and now I can feel free to figure out some wall art (suprising how much a red wardrobe stopped me from decorating...)

Do you have any suggestions?? 

(and thanks to Bama (like as in alabama) for making an appearance this dog is never over 5 feet away from me I swear he waits at the door for me to finish using the bathroom but I love him so so so much!)
Monday, July 26, 2010


I promise you this is similar to what I wear everyday lately - minus the expensive amazing necklace and the cool umbrella - but it did pour rain all day saturday!

{Umbrella, Shirt, Necklace, Shorts, Keds}

{P.S. Thanks Living Happy & Healthy Indigo and A Measure of... for the thoughtful blog awards!}

Giveaway Winner!

The giveaway winner, as decided by:


Yay! Email me your addy, Paislea, so that I can get this cute baby in the mail asap!

*I was very nervous for all of you to click Generate, whoa!
Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 5 Photo Challenge Roundup - A Picture of Your Morning

Check out the mornings of your blogger friends!
Here is a round-up of Day 5 - "A Picture From Your Morning" from the Photo Challenge!
A lot of people started along the way and some are still even going - you should probably go cheer them along ;)
I still love seeing everyone's pictures together - I like how our mornings start off with the most important things: pets, coffee, our computers, and crazy purple monsters...

And here's whose pics they are: 
Friday, July 23, 2010

Links & Things

I picked up this cutie at a little market in Lugano last weekend - I couldn't resist - the man said it is supposed to bring luck!
We don't have anything too exciting planned for this weekend - which is kind of nice. Although I'm sure we'll go check out the Blue Balls Festival in Luzern that is happening. And you definitely read that right! (cultural translation mishaps at its finest!) I'm also going to paint our wardrobe white - it is currently red. We bought it used for such an amazing price that it could have been pink and I'd still have bought it...However, I'm really stuck on decorating our room with such a huge piece of furniture that color. So this will help! (too bad I don't have Lenore from Lather Creations closer!)


Don't forget to enter my giveaway of this scarf!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Giveaway? What?

~A very cool scarf, if I don't say so myself~
~scarves are another of my addictions~
~and Gents - maybe your ladies would like it? Or I mean, you can wear it to, I won't judge you~

Just simply leave a comment below to enter.
(Last day to enter is Sunday, July 25th)
Giveaway winner will be chosen Monday, July 26th!
(one entry per person)

{I always kind of wondered why people did giveaways all the time...but it wasn't really until I got to know so many of you and started really appreciating all of your upbeat comments day after day, and started to enjoy learning more about you through your blogs - it's been fun and I feel happy and thankful to be part of this little group of people. I now totally understand the generosity behind this type of thing! So thank you, Village People! (I just went there) And P.S. I ran across this yesterday at a little shop in Zurich and thought of you - as it is totally something I would post here if I found it online!}
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amateur Couture

I really enjoy the blog, Amateur Couture, and how she pairs fashion with a corresponding piece of art for each post. I could go through these archives for hours.
{all images via Amateur Couture}
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lugano, Switzerland

Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this whole trip! The first day was Awful. There was traffic and a whiny dog and not finding our campsite and waiting for a bus in hot hot sun and dehydration and being cranky with eachother and finding out there's no return bus to our site and almost being late for dinner reservations and the heat and it rained on our tent when we didn't have the rain thing on AND a Harley Davidson festival in town! (so our quiet relaxing dinner along the water was a noisy one). I'm not sure we were actually talking by the end of the night because we were so worn out and cranky.
So needless to say the first evening wasn't as romantical as I had planned...
And mark definitely didn't get to see the "relaxing lakeside town" that I had described...
but it did turn around the next day when we decided to skip hiking (the heat, omg, the heat) and laze around town enjoying breakfast, thrifty finds, gelato and street food vendors. 

P.S. The Lucky 7..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brooklyn Industries

{via, via}

I was reading a blog, Oh, My Darling, and saw that she got a couple dresses from a store called Brooklyn Industries which I had never heard of. I looooved the dresses so I went to check out the store and they had some really cute things! I had to are a couple of my favorite t-shirts~

P.S. Thanks for your unprecedented support for my new love life ;) You guys crack me up.

{Thanks to Common Threads for the award/thinking of me =)}
Sunday, July 18, 2010


If you've been reading here for awhile you know that I love rings...
If you just started...hi, I love rings!
{Proof: here, here, here, here & here!}
Last February my sister-in-law and I visited Lugano and I ran across this second hand shop with a dish of perfectly stackable cheap gold rings sitting right outside. I fell in love but ended up leaving without any for some reason - I know, right?
When Mark and I were there yesterday and today - I kind of maybe bee-lined to this store and they were still there! It's like a love story, they waited for me all this time!
I sifted through the lovelies shown above and chose 7 - and we are living happily ever after =) 
Friday, July 16, 2010


{I'm enjoying my new shoes here!}

The weekend is here again - I feel like this summer is going by so fast and it hurts my heart! Mark, my little dog and I are road tripping to the Italian part of Switzerland where we plan to visit Lugano, have pizza, fit all 3 of us in a 2 person tent and then hike (save me now!) in the morning before heading home. What are you up to, friends? Whatever it is - do it to the fullest! (not sure where my cheesiness has come from, but I mean it!)


  • Check out Indie Ink and my picture that was posted there today - It's "a non-profit independent literary and art collective and community of writers and artists who may not have been seen otherwise". I've got mad love for this website!
  • Killer kool camera straps 
  • Camp Comfort highlighted my dream backpack...I keep seeing them everywhere, it's basically meant to be
  • DIY: Design some plates using simple white IKEA dishes...genius!
  • I'm very jealous of HoboVogue's old navy green can I get one?! Maybe in black? Can ON just like, custom make it for me, just this one time please?
  • I have to spotlight Tayebug's post about why we need to love our bodies - so true!.
P.S. Thanks Jess (Cheap but Chic/Jess's Clothing Picks of the Week) for the fun award! (Diddy!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mumford & Sons/Montreux Jazz Fest

Seeing Mumford & Sons last night was just as amazing as it was 2 months ago. They are, hands down, the only band right now that I would brave crowds of smelly drunk people for (and that we did)! I've decided that I would love to see them somewhere in the US now - I feel like crowds here in Switzerland aren't as wild and obnoxious as they would be at home - maybe it's that Swiss reserve I keep hearing about - or maybe us Americans really are just as loud and crazy as people here say we are =)

And...Montreux is gorgeous!! It was the 2nd time I've been there and I just keep loving it - from the city stacked on the hill side, a couple of castle looking buildings in view, the unpretentious downtown area to the cute clothing/food booths set up along the river walk - there is so much to see and so many cafe's to try! My favorite is the churro stand - last time, don't judge me, but I ate 5 churros to myself! This time I contained myself and just had a crepe for dessert.

So, I wasn't so hot in the picture taking Nikki would say, "I had more than 2 drinks". But I tried...just had to wade through eleventythousand pictures of random things. Enjoy!

My hot date.

Let me introduce my favorite thing about Switzerland - the lakes and how everyone is always swimming in them. If there is a lakeside - you can jump in - no silly rules and fences and danger signs! You will find people, businessmen, jumping in during their lunch breaks.

Crepes...le sigh...

Look who I ran in to, my DREAM bike!!!!

A moment of silence please, for how amazing Cevapcici is...

Bar seating areas set up along the lake

Some what I wore action
{H&M sequin vest, Zara basic white tee, H&M boy shorts, Gap flats}

Sorry for the picture overload!
Have a good day...or else!
P.S. And you guys, here's my Twitter {@okVillage}
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twitter, Ring Crush, etc...

Soo Pretty.
{Banana Republic}

So my little Village blog is all set up with a Twitter now - so you should follow me so that I can follow you because I am a hollaback girl.  It's already crazycakes and I'm only following 3 people and have 'tweeted' three times. Word. So bring it on! (@okVillage)

In other news - I'm headed to Montreux today to see one of my favorite bands ever, Mumford & Sons, play at the Jazz Fest. Hopefully I'll get some fun pictures.

In even other other news...I woke up this morning feeling like P.Diddy....Ok nevermind i can't keep a straight face! But I kind of did because 2 more awards were thrown my way so thanks Katie at Fashion's Maven  and Sara at C'est La Vie !! Much love to you both..

I'll let you go now because...listen to me! No one should quote "Hollaback Girl" AND Ke$ha in one post...let alone one day.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Zara...

Dear Zara,
You can have these crazy amazing summer sales all year round if you want. I love my new shirts (above) and I love you!

Monday, July 12, 2010




Guess what!!?
Mark rescued my bike back yesterday!! He's pretty much my hero. I guess the guy rode by him on my bike so he turned and followed him to the beach - then even though he was with all of his friends Mark went up to him and explained that it was mine and got it back! Well, minus the basket...they had taken it off :( The guy said it was his "friends". Grr...
Before all this happened I had already decided that it was one of my favorite days - I had an amazing run in the morning, went for an early swim with my boys (mark and dog =)) and was looking forward to friends coming over for the World Cup - I even thought to myself - the only way it could get better was if my bike was returned...then it was!
These pictures were from when I was really sad about it and looking around on the internet for places to buy an old used city bike (that no one will want to steal). These are the styles that I totally want - Even with my bike back, I think I'll still keep my eye out for one =)

P.S. Thanks to Cat from Cat in DreamlandKelly Leigh, and EDK Dolce for the recent blog awards! You guys are pretty much the awesomest =)
Saturday, July 10, 2010

Links + Day 4 Roundup...Remember those?

Happy Saturday!

I'll be basking in the sun at the beach today with my girl - it's supposed to rain for the whole next week! Then throwing a World Cup party tomorrow for the final - I can't even wait - the Spain team is, you know, extremely pleasing to look at...
Tell me what you're up to, friends!

Here are some links that I want to remember for myself and also share with you - so in my blog they go (plus I love when people do these roundups...LOVE it)

+ I love Marcie's (Lemons and Laundry) new weekend idea - you can submit a pic from your weekend to her and she'll do a roundup on Fridays! It's so cute =) My picture is in yesterdays!
+This is why I watch the World Cup, basically: Sexiest World Cup Final Ever?
+ Find out if someone is using your pictures online and without your knowledge at Image Rights
+I really like these sandals, but am not able to decide between white and black
Kind of why we miss Iowa (thanks Mark)
+ This tanktop and this tanktop kind of embody my simple summer style this year
+ I want to try this DIY Wall Art - I have some serious empty wall space in my flat
+Possibly my new running shoes - what are your favorite shoes to run in? I'm torn between Aasics and ones where I like their look =)


Remember the Photo Challenge? Some lovely bloggers are still making their way through it which is why I wait a bit between these roundups. They aren't crazy like I was to do it every single day =) Here is the roundup from Day 4: A Picture of Where you Went Today. It's always interesting to see the different lives we all lead!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Open Air Cinema/Summer Nights

Can you guess...

...what movie we watched on the big screen last night?

Our little village has this open air movie night happening for 2 weeks - a different movie per night. Unfortunately they are all in Deutsch and/or French! Fortunately I've seen this movie before so it was a good opportunity to practice my German ;) And it's pretty much just as funny to watch...if not funnier!!

P.S. Thanks to Carrie at This Free Bird who is always making me laugh for the Versatile Blogger Award!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


{Juicy Couture, Asos, Asos}

I am just so in love with the blazer look, even though it's all hot and whatever. I have two of them and I want more - but I carry them with me everywhere in case it gets cool (wishful thinking?) - they look good with virtually anything. I have a grey and black one - most like the one in the middle =)

Questionnaire from Laura =)

Taken in Luzern
(I also put it in my photo blog so sorry if you've seen it twice =))
Thanks for all your responses about home sickness! I feel much better today - I suppose it's going to happen every now and then...
(And, Go Spain!)

I was tagged by one of my faves, Laura at A Fennel Designer,  to answer some questions so here it is! I know most people skim over these and I'm really boring at them so sorry about it!!

1. What is your favourite image/photograph?
My favorite photograph can be found here - it's the top one of the water, you might have seen it before! I just love how moody it is, I can relate to it =) I want to eventually blow it up on to a canvas for my flat. 

2. What is your earliest memory?
Getting the chicken pox in kindergarten - I was itchy during story time and my teacher sent me to the office - I was embarrassed. 

3. What is the one thing you would most like to change in the world?
I would like for people to not steal bikes. My bike was stolen last night and I'm really sad =( 

4. What is your must have fashion item?
Hands down, this summer it is simple jean shorts. As much as I'd love to wear skirts, harem pants and whatever else is ridiculously in style right now - I keep wearing my jean shorts =)
5. What makes you happy?
People that return bikes they've stolen and/or finding my bike and kicking whoever stole it in the balls. They obviously don't need them anyway =)
Ok, But the real list is midnight swims, riding my former bike home at night from the bus, the feeling after a good long run, hearing my favorite songs at the right moments, rooftop bars, dates with mark, and spending time with friends - oh and also everyone who reads my blog - I love reading comments and knowing who they are and stuff - it is fun :) 

6. Which is worse - failing or never trying?
I hate failing...which keeps me from trying a lot of things - So I will go with never trying because I usually end up not failing. 

7. Who is your ideal partner?
Someone who has an amazing heart and who has integrity. Basically Mark - and because he has these things I continue to love him after the million years that we've been together. Sure I wish he were different in some ways since we are basically opposites but at the end of the day I am in love with his heart and I couldn't live without the security of him and who he is in my life. 

8. Where would you most like to live in the world?
I think that even though I am feeling a little homesick - I wouldn't want to be living anywhere else in the world than where I am right now. I love it here. I'm sure it will eventually change, but this is where I want to be now!
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I want a re-play

Our dear friends visited us in Switzerland the past few days, friends that we don't get to see very often, and they left this morning. I am sad sad sad - I might have even cried when they left, I wonder if I am home sick?
We had such a blast and I took SO many pictures that it is unreal. We had a few cook outs at the lake, went to the Zurich Fest, climbed a mountain, ate wild strawberries, visited Pilatus mountain, went on midnight swims in the lake, ate pizza at a pizzeria on the water, talk and talked...and so much more =) And, it was good to spend the 4th with our favorite Navy guy!
I'll work on some other pictures, but these were taken around Zurich during the festival =)



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