Luzern Reception

Last Saturday, my favorite lady and her husband threw a wedding reception for their family here - and since I have this shiny new camera I was supposed to take a lot of pictures!

The reception took place on an old steam boat docked in Luzern on the day of the Luzerner Fest - which meant it was ca-razy in Luzern but we could watch it all from comfortable distance of the boat =)  We started off with an apero on the top of the ship then moved downstairs for an amazing multiple course meal followed by a front row view of the Luzerner Fests fireworks. Later at night we moved to the rooftop of a bar for some dancing but my picture taking didn't extend past a certain number of glasses of wine =) (sorry Jen!)
The night was romantic, magical, warm, breezy - the food was delicious and our glasses were never empty (no, really)...But most of all my beautiful lady and her handsome husband were marvelous looking and spending time with them was the best part of all =)