Day 15 + A Roundup of Everyone's Day 1 Photos

Day 15 - A picture that you edited
5 more days!

A couple of days ago the airspace above my flat was insanely busy. There is a small runway a few miles from us that is used by a few different companies here. There were all kinds of planes - including these bi-wing planes with real people strapped on the top of them!! Now, I hate planes but riding on top of one of those planes is now on my to do list!! Anyway, this is a picture of the jets who were doing all kinds of very cool formations - Every time I would hear them I would run out there to try out my 55-200mm lens =)
There are a few more on the photo blog

Also...I wanted to officially do a round up of everyone's Day 1 photos from the photo challenge I've been doing (A Picture of Yourself). All of these pictures are so awesome and I love the variety - I love that they are each so very different - from candid to artistic to pics of when they were little to silly - I've so been loving "meeting" and learning more about everyone who has been doing this challenge!

1. ...Love, Indigo  2. the lighthouse keeper  3. A Foreign Land 
4. Swiss Twist  5. The Cow Jumped Over the Moon  6. Mankind's Fascination with Self Expression
7.  A Moment Before It's Gone  8.  My Neighbor's Grass  9. She's Come Undone