Changes, Changes

Blogs evolve, right? Blogs change names sometimes, right? (*insert cricket noises*). This one is changing names! And I have a cooler header in my head (ha) but I have to make it first so this one is temporary =) It will still be the Lovelist at heart (since it will still be things I love) but despite my research before starting the blog there is another one out there...a little different but close enough. So A Village or Village or The Village (I'm still undecided, feel free to vote) is this blogs new name. I like much better as it is inspired by the fact that I live in a village (so I was told) which greatly excited me because who doesn't want to live in a village?! It sounds much more adventurous than town! And if I move to Luzern someday I can't very well call it 'The City' because...well, you know.
So anyway, I'm sorry if you have to change it anywhere =(

Here is a relaxing song for your Sunday - it is windy and pouring down rain here tonight and I am loving it =)