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Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Nights

I saw this on the Lil Bee and I'm so in the mood to have a backyard of my own - and then to have this in it! I have a little one now - but it goes with our flat so there is not much I can do to it. Every now and then I will miss our old house and huge yard in Iowa where we hosted bon-fires, grill outs, hung our laundry on the line to dry and spent lazy hours in our hammock - but it's ok! I would trade it in again for the chance to live here - but I'll definitely be re-creating it wherever we live when we move back to the US one day =)
Housewife Bliss said...

I feel the same way about our English garden we are leaving behind very soon. I just love what you have done with the fence..stunning. Thanks for following HB.

Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

That is gorgeous!!! What a great idea! I just picked up some great old ball jars this weekend! Maybe I can figure out a way to do this on our backyard fence!! Thanks for the great idea!

So sorry to hear you're missing your old backyard in Iowa...but it must be incredible to live in a different country. I'm you're newest follower!

xoxo Beth

eleanor said...

thankyou so much for following.
your blog is lovely!

and what a cute idea! i'm living at home with my parents while i'm studying and we have a lovely front yard with old trees and so many flowers, i will be sad to leave it one day!

Metropolitan Mum said...

I have heard that it is freezingly cold in Switzerland at the moment - just like everywhere else in Europe. No wonder you miss home! I hope you get to enjoy the lovely summery countryside and lakes and rivers soon with some sunshine and an ice cream...

Ashley said...

Iowa huh? And how did you go about moving to Switzerland? I've heard good things about that place and would like to visit one day :)

Alely L. said...

yes, iowa to switzerland? i think that's great! what a great chapter and season in yours and your hubby's life. glad i found your blog. i am your newest follower and i will be heading to your sunday photography blog too! have a great day over there!

emilia. said...

Cute idea! I love it. :)
Can't wait for those Summer nights.

Cole said...

these are so pretty! I love this idea. :)
nicole visiting from



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