Purchase or Pass?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear Blogger friends,

I found it at a thrift store.
It is only 5 swiss francs - so $5.
It is the perfect size for a computer.
It is the perfect size for my German class stuff.
I love the color.
But I'm not in love with the bag. 
Is it the big gold rings that I don't like?
Does it look manly?
Or is it perfect?
Do I purchase this bag or do I pass?!

P.S. I'll soon share what other random things that I did buy =)


Bruna Capraro said...

purchase, of course! If you doesnt, I do! haha
nice blog :)
xoxo from Brazil <3

Kelly Leigh said...

sounds like a purchase to me! I need to learn how to thrift. I am no good at it but i wish I was!

Emily Jane said...

Do it!! I'm actually a fan of big gold rings :) And if you don't like it, then I will buy it from you LOL

Summer {Bisfor...} said...


The Zhush said...


Ashley said...

I don't think it looks manly at all. It's cute, so buy it!

Side Street Style said...

Purchase Purchase purchase....looks like a great quality bag and if you don't like the rings try and customise it....add some sown on fabrics or badges...make it your own....but purchase for sure :)

Laura x

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I am not the majority, I say pass ... because you don't LOVE it. (:
But...I am the minority so maybe you should listen to the others!
Have a pretty night, Kristin

Fashion Butter said...

Go for it! I might not look like much now, but I can picture it looking amazing when paired with super cute outfits!

M said...

I'm definitely a fan of this bag! GO FOR IT! reminds me of the Proenza one!!!!!



NANCYXO said...

i would buy that on the spot!


Miss amanda said...

I say you should pass because i really need a cool bag to fit my laptop in and if you don't buy it I can!!


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