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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

notebook habit

I buy random notebooks with alarming regularity - and I really don't use them much but I like to just have them there. This may or may not stem back to my childhood - my grandma always had a huge drawer filled with random stationary and fresh notebooks - just waiting for me to write in - and I loved this drawer! My home wouldn't be complete without a similar stash. The above notebooks are perfect in every way - These are on my 'to order' list when Mark gets back to the states, for sure. I would never need another notebook! =)
eleanor said...

i love buying notebooks too! i have so many. most of them come in handy, though :) i write a lot of lists!


Sam said...

I have lots of notebooks too and love buying new ones! Half of them don't have a word written in them. Your blog is cute! :)



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