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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hiking and whatnot - Advice needed!

These pictures are kind of un-real to me - still. Here's the thing - I'm not much of a hiker - I get bored and I'd rather run, etc...but M really wanted to hike up this mountain behind our flat and he was really really excited about it so I couldn't not go - so I went. That little town in the middle row to the right - that's where I live! Just beyond that is Luzern. Anyway, I cannot walk properly - my legs are so incredibly sore...but looking back, I think it was worth it - I got some cool pictures anyway!

My big question is - what in the world do you wear hiking? I'm totally out of my element in hiking shoes and what not. Is it possible to look way hot and go hiking? No...
So do you hike? What do you wear?!
I live in der Schweiz - home to hardcore Swiss hikers and amazing hiking opportunities and a husband who is ridiculously outdoorsy - so I'm not going to be avoiding it anytime soon. Help a girl out!

P.S. I'll pry climb Mt. Everest next - I dunno
Kelly Leigh said...

I'm pretty sure its not possible to look way hot and go hiking. But this is a problem I have too. I usually wear hiking boots or sneakers and jeans and a tshirt and I look like hell. Let me know if you find a cuter alternative! We're going hiking next week I think.

oh and those pics are beautiful!

Bridget said...

lululemon has the greatest workout clothes ever. give them a try.

but hiking boots.. there's no way around them!

Emily Jane said...

I'm definitely not a hiker (LOL it's early in the morning and I almost wrote "hooker") but I was going to suggest LuLuLemon too. Those pics are AMAZING!! Good luck!

richelle jean said...

i LOVE hiking! i went hiking last week and actually learned my lesson about what to wear. even though it gets hot, cover yourself up if you can in case of falling and injuries. i fell into poison oak last week and my arm was rashed up and stinging really badly because i was wearing short sleeves. be comfortable and wear good shoes! awesome pictures i'm so jealous i wanna be there!!!

Marie said...

I don't hike much but when I have comfort comes above all else. Comfort and layers, because often you never know what the weather will do! Your photos are amazing. It all looks so very beautiful. I'd love to be living near somewhere like that...

reni said...

hey girl! i was never a hiker till i moved out to the pacific northwest. nike, adidas and REI (all in the U.S.) have great, yet stylish hiking clothes. if you live in the europe, check out nike's acg (all-conditions gear) line. they should have great stuff. check out their shoes, too, because i have a couple that are sneakers but totally great for the trail. wear light clothing, so you can layer - then take off layers when you feel warmer. hope this helps. maybe i'll blog about some hiking gear on my blog the next few days.



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