Hiking and whatnot - Advice needed!

These pictures are kind of un-real to me - still. Here's the thing - I'm not much of a hiker - I get bored and I'd rather run, etc...but M really wanted to hike up this mountain behind our flat and he was really really excited about it so I couldn't not go - so I went. That little town in the middle row to the right - that's where I live! Just beyond that is Luzern. Anyway, I cannot walk properly - my legs are so incredibly sore...but looking back, I think it was worth it - I got some cool pictures anyway!

My big question is - what in the world do you wear hiking? I'm totally out of my element in hiking shoes and what not. Is it possible to look way hot and go hiking? No...
So do you hike? What do you wear?!
I live in der Schweiz - home to hardcore Swiss hikers and amazing hiking opportunities and a husband who is ridiculously outdoorsy - so I'm not going to be avoiding it anytime soon. Help a girl out!

P.S. I'll pry climb Mt. Everest next - I dunno