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Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Weekend!

This is the first weekend that Mark and I will have all to ourselves since before he left for the US back in the beginning of April! Since them he's been gone and we've had visitors. I'm excited for some down time together - I'm even kind of excited to grocery shop with him =)
As we wonder around, I'd love to be wearing this outfit! 

vintage Chanel bag from Matches
Net-a-Porter shirt
Side Street Boutique Jeans
Pink Ice shoes
eleanor said...

beautiful outfit, you have such nice taste :)

i love grocery shopping with my boyfriend! besides from being a student i work in a supermarket part time and you'd think this would ruin it for me... but i actually enjoy doing the shopping.

dressing up makes it more fun, too!


have a great weekend!

eleanor said...

oo really? my favourite in paris is a little random boutique in a side street by notre dame :) i just love discovering quirky shops in unexpected places too.

Laura said...

Amazing outfit!

Casual but oh so cool, love it.

Laura xx

Emily Jane said...

Oooh pretty! Have a wonderful weekend!

Alely L. said...

love the outfit! wish i had it to wear for the weekend! have a great one!

Kelly Leigh said...

Nick and I love grocery shopping together! But we ALWAYS go overboard. We have like 4 varieties of salt right now. haha

The Zhush said...

Perfection! I would love to be wearing that outfit as well! Have the best time this weekend.

Side Street Style said...

Oooh love this outfit wish list...I really really want a vintage chanel bag...and I love the long shirt....reminds me of Paris...not sure why

Laura x

Ashley said...

Have fun!

I'd love to laze around in that outfit, too :)



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