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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So this is my new best friend that my husband graciously brought back from the US for me. If you don't see some kick butt pictures in the next few weeks/months - you should really disown me. 
Amy R. said...

Great gift! I look forward to seeing your pics. Please share any tips you have along the way. I have a Canon Rebel and I still don't have the hang of it, 9 out of 10 pics are bad for me. I need to take a real class. Good luck!

McKenna said...

You are going to love it! I <3 mine. What lens did you get with it?

Ces't La Vie said...

how sweet is HE?!

I'm in the market for a nice new one, let me know how you feel about it!

Kelly Leigh said...

haha this is the camera I bought with my birthday/christmas/wedding money! My husband calls it my "baby". I'm obsessed with it and I don't even know how to use it properly. I need to take a class desperately. Can't wait to see your photos!

the Lovelist said...

I might end up taking a class! The lenses are the 18-105mm and 55-200mm...I'm not even all sure what that means yet - but he ALSO got me a big huge instruction text book on the camera...whoa. I know what I'm going to be doing everyday for awhile now! I'll definitely share any tips :)
Thanks for sharing my excitement!

Aron said...

That really is a great camera! Hope you still having fun using it!




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