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Thursday, May 20, 2010

cute =)

I know you are probably thinking "what the heck..what is this cow picture" and I'm kind of thinking that too as in why am I posting this, but aren't they just sooo cute?! We ran across them in a town past Interlaken on a little hike last week on our trip and they just came right up to the fence to say hi to us! We tried to get Bama to check them out but he was terrified, shaking and wouldn't even make eye contact with them - it was quite entertaining  =)
Stephanie said...

Hehe. They ARE cute!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i like you better now. when someone can find cuteness in this, you are special! i mean that. did it come out right???? Cuz I sure do think they are super cute. Esp the one on the far right. I name her - Pixie!

Kelly Leigh said...

aww they are so cute! I didn't know you were in interlaken. I've been there and it is Sososo pretty!

Alely L. said...


Ashley said...

hahaha. I love this post for many reasons :)



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